Kimberly A. Skaggs

Kimberly A. Skaggs was born and raised in southern New Mexico. She is a wife, mother, private pilot, neighbor, New Mexico State Alumna, and businesswoman. Kimberly believes we deserve a better education system, a drastic improvement to our economy and our infrastructure needs definite direction. We have the resources to move up to the top of every good list and become a leader in economic development, energy, and education. Senate district 36 is being underrepresented in Santa Fe and it is time that our voices are heard.


It’s time for us
to find our voice.

It’s frustrating to think your individual voice doesn’t matter when it comes to the people and policies that run our state, and it’s frustrating to be at the mercy of decision makers who don’t truly value the will of the people.  The truth is, we fall into the same patterns of voting for one party or another (or not voting at all), and we never take a good hard look at what needs to be changed here in New Mexico.  Are you happy with being last in every category that matters?  Are you embarrassed that we’re first on all the bad lists?  We have the opportunity this November to fix that, and I will be the key to making sure YOUR voice is heard. 

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